Scientific Publications

RenalToolBox encourages the use of preprints using servers such as bioRxiv and all our publications and underlying data can be found in our Zenodo community.

    • Amadeo, F., Hanson, V., Murray, P., Taylor, A. DEAE-Dextran enhances the lentiviral transduction of primary human mesenchymal stromal cells from all major tissue sources without affecting their proliferation and phenotype.  Molecular Biotechnology (2022), On-line first. Link to paper.
    • King, J., Mihaila, S.M., Ahmed, S., Truckenmüller, R., Giselbrecht, S., Masereeuw, R., Carlier A. The influence of OAT1 density and functionality on Indoxyl Sulfate transport in the human proximal tubule: an integrated computational and in vitro study.  Toxins (2021), 13(10), 674 Link to paper.
    • Mihajlovic, M., Krebber, M.M., Yang, Y., Ahmed, S., Lozovanu, V., Andreeva, D., Verhaar, M.C., Masereeuw R. Protein-bound uremic toxins induce reactive oxygen species-dependent and inflammasome-mediated IL-1β production in kidney proximal tubule cells.  Biomedicines (2021), 9(10), 1326 Link to paper.
    • Skovronova, R., Grange, C., Dimmucio, V., Deregibus, MC., Camussi, G., Bussolati, B. Surface marker expression in small and medium/large mesenchymal stromal cell-derived extracellular vesicles in naive or apoptotic condition using orthogonal techniques.  Cells (2021), 10(11), 2948 Link to paper.
    • Calcat-i-Cervera, S., Sanz-Nogués, C., O’Brien, T. When origin matters: properties of mesenchymal stromal cells from different sources for clinical translation in kidney disease.  Frontiers in Medicine (2021), 8, 1568. Link to paper.
    • Faria, J., Gerritsen, K.G.F., Nguyen, T. Q., Mihaila, S. M., Masereeuw, R. Diabetic proximal tubulopathy: can we mimic the disease for in vitro screening of SGLT inhibitors?  European Journal of Pharmacology (2021), 908, 174378. Link to paper.
    • Amadeo, F., Plagge, A., Chacko, A., Wilm, B., Hanson, V., Liptrott, N., Murray, P., Taylor, A. Firefly luciferase offers superior performance to AkaLuc for tracking the fate of administered cell therapies. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (2021), Online First. Link to paper.
    • Apelt, K.; Bijkerk, R.; Lebrin, F.; Rabelink, T.J. Imaging the Renal Microcirculation in Cell Therapy. Cells (2021), 10(5), 1087. Link to paper.
    • de Haan, W., Dheedene, W., Apelt, K., Décombas-Deschamps, S., Vinckier, S., Verhulst, S., Conidi, A., Deffieux, T., Staring, M.W., Vandervoort, P., et al. Endothelial Zeb2 preserves the hepatic angioarchitecture and protects against liver fibrosis. Cardiovascular Research (2021). Online ahead of print. Link to paper.
    • Sun Q., Picascia, T., Khan, S.M., Brenna, C., Heuveline, V., Schmaus, A., Sleeman, J.P., Gretz, N. Application of ethyl cinnamate based optical tissue clearing and expansion microscopy combined with retrograde perfusion for 3D lung imaging. Experimental Lung Research (2020). On-line ahead of print. Link to paper.
    • Brenna, C., Khan, A. M., Picascia, T., Sun, Q., Heuveline, V., Gretz N. New technical approaches for 3D morphological imaging and quantification of measurements The Anatomical Record (2020), 303, 2702-2715. Link to paper.
    • Mihaila, S. M., Faria, J., Stefens, M. F. J., Stamatialis, D., Verhaar, M. C., Gerritsen, K. G. F., Masereeuw R. Drugs Commonly Applied to Kidney Patients May Compromise Renal Tubular Uremic Toxins Excretion Toxins (Basel) (2020), 12(6), 391. Link to paper.
    • Gebara, N., Rossi, A., Skovronova, R., Mariam Aziz, J., Asthana, A., Bussolati, B. Extracellular Vesicles, Apoptotic Bodies and Mitochondria: Stem Cell Bioproducts for Organ Regeneration. Current Transplantation Reports  (2020), 7, 105. Link to paper.
    • Collino, F., Lopes, J. A., Tapparo, M., Tortelote, G. G., Kasai-Brunswick, T. H., Lopes, G., Almeida, D. B., Skovronova, R., Wendt, C., Miranda, K. R., Bussolati, B., Vieyra, A., Lindoso, R. S. Extracellular Vesicles Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Promote Renoprotection in Acute Kidney Injury Model. Cells (2020), 9(2), 453. Link to paper.
    • Grange, C., Skovronova, R., Marabese, F., Bussolati, B. Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles and Kidney Regeneration. Cells (2019), 8(10), 1240. Link to paper.
    • Faria, J., Ahmed, S., Gerritsen, K.G.F., Mihaila, S.M., Masereeuw R. Kidney-based in vitro models for drug-induced toxicity testing.  Archives of Toxicology (2019). Link to paper.