ESR8 – Soham Mukherjee

I was born in the suburbs of West Bengal, India. I have an interdisciplinary background on accounts of my BTech in Electronics & Instrumentation engineering and MTech in Biomedical Engineering. My Master’s thesis dealt with image processing of confocal images to quantify morphology of nuclear mechanotransduction. Since my Master degree I have worked in various imaging, spectroscopy and microfluidics projects in India and USA.
I am currently registered as a Marie Curie Research Associate in Professor Poptani’s group at the Centre for Preclinical Imaging (CPI), University of Liverpool, UK working on “Mathematical models for evaluation of the effects of regenerative medicine therapies on kidney function”. The overall goal of the project will be to apply MRI methods to accurately assess different aspects of renal function following kidney injury, and to quantify the extent to which renal function improves following the administration of mesenchymal stromal cell (MSC)-based therapies.