ESR 3 – Evaluation of tracers for monitoring renal function using in vitro culture systems

In this position the ESR will be employed by the University of Utrecht (UU) and based in the Division of Pharmacology at the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS) of the Science Faculty, and affiliated to the Advanced In vitro Models (U-AIM)Hub within the framework of Utrecht Life Sciences (ULS). The ESR’s role in this project will be to characterise newly developed tracers for monitoring kidney function for their disposition using a newly developed kidney-on-a-chip device. More specifically:

(i) Improve renal epithelial cell-based bioartificial tubular device by including peritubular vasculature; use this to determine tracer (ii) uptake; (iii) secretion; (iv) toxicity in relation to standard tracers such as FITC-Sinistrin and para-amino-hippurate; (v) Implement microfluidics-based co-culture system for evaluating regenerative medicine therapies in vitro, including mesenchymal stem cells from different sources.