ESR 2 – Development of dyes/tracers for analysis of renal function

The ESR will be performing his PhD thesis work at Cyanagen Srl at Bologna, Italy,  under  the  supervision  of  Dr. Rossana Perciaccante and at  the Medical Research Center of  the University  of  Heidelberg,  Germany,  under  the  supervision  of  Professor  Gretz.

The research project will consist in the development of a novel transcutaneous device with light emitting diodes (LEDs) and optical sensors to permit the detection of NIR tracers for measuring different aspects of renal function (GFR, tubular secretion and re-absorption). The ESR’s role in this project will be the design and synthesis of NIR tracers for measuring renal function. More specifically:

  • Design, synthesize and characterize NIR dyes.
  • Assess their ability to monitor renal function, specifically glomerular filtration, proximal tubule cell (PTC) secretion and re-absorption.
  • Develop NIR tracers with characteristics for highly specific interaction with PTC and their assessment in uninjured control mice.