ESR 12 – Determine the characteristics of CD362+ BM-MSCs and assess their safety and efficacy in an IRI mouse model

The ESR will carry out your research project in REMEDI, whose overall vision is to translate promising in vitro and in vivo findings to clinical trials and patent treatments. REMEDI consists of 13 PIs and over 80 research staff, comprised of senior research fellows, post docs, PhD students and research assistants.

The aim of this project, as part of the greater ITN program, is to characterise a mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) population, isolated from bone marrow (BM) and selected for cell surface expression. The ESR will investigate the cell type proliferation rates, ability to form colonies, ability to differentiate and in vitro immunomodulatory capacity. The ESR will determine how these properties are affected by culture media and novel culture substrates. The ESR will assess the therapeutic efficacy of the BMMSCs by testing their ability to ameliorate tubular cell injury using an in vitro ciPTEC-based IRI model (collaboration with ESR3) and will use lentiviral transduction to introduce EF1α-GFP-E2A-luciferase reporter and assess safety and efficacy of the BM-MSCs in mice with IRI.